EMDR therapy service provided by Eccentric Therapy

$300 / 90 minutes or $400 / 120 minutes Eye movement, desensitization & reprocessing is a therapy founded on the basis that our emotional well-being is locked in fight or flight mode. EMDR postulates that we have core beliefs (negative cognitions) that we have had reinforced throughout our lives. EMDR employs a method called bilateral […]

Family Sessions

$300 for 50 minutes Family therapy sessions are designed to provide a supportive and safe environment where family members can address issues, improve communication, and strengthen relationships. In these sessions, a qualified therapist facilitates discussions and activities to help family members understand each other’s perspectives, resolve conflicts, and develop healthier ways of relating to one […]

Life Coaching

$200/ hour Life coaching is an option for clients that are needing assistance within their home, needing additional support or if they are requiring help with therapeutic exposures. Services for life coaching are available via- in person, Telehealth or phone calls.

Individual Therapy

$200/hour Our individual therapy sessions offer 50 minutes of therapeutic support, available in person, via telehealth, or over the phone for your convenience. During these sessions, you’ll have a confidential space to explore your thoughts, emotions, and goals with a compassionate therapist. Our goal is to collaborate with you on your journey towards improved mental […]