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Thank you for your interest in working together.

Please be advised that as of July 1, 2023, I am not admitting clients into my practice due to some creative projects I am currently a part of.

I do have a waiting list available for those interested in potentially working together.

I kindly request that you review our FAQ section prior to signing up for the waitlist, as it provides detailed answers to common questions about the operation of my practice.

Please note that my webpage is continuously being updated with my latest updates & availability.

Please be advised that there is no estimated time of availability for the waitlist.

Thank you for your understanding,

Wishing you the best in your pursuit of wellness.

Kind Regards,

Coral Seco, LMHC

Eccentric Therapy, led by Coral Seco, a licensed Mental Health Therapist based in South Miami, FL, offers a guiding light for those seeking to understand themselves and navigate life’s emotional challenges.

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